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Author: Ken Kousen

Groovy Vampires: Groovy, REST, MongoDB, and Scary Marketing

Table of Contents Part the First: A Warning Part the Second: Temptation Part the Third: Execution (the Good Kind) 3.1. To die, to sleep (or at least to REST) 3.2. Go Groovy Or Go Home Let’s Give Him to Mongo! …

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Have a Groovy Spring

Spring and Groovy are old friends. While you can use POGOs as Spring beans as though they were POJOs, that’s not the focus of this article. Instead, I’m going to demonstrate one of the capabilities that is unique (more or …


Kicking AST and Taking Names

Look, I get it. Learning new things is hard, and it’s scary. I know. I teach technical training classes for a living, so I see it all the time. I also am a writer, a speaker, and a software developer, …


Building a Geolocation Web Application with Groovy and Grails

(Where in the World is Steve Heckler?)   Table of Contents Introduction The Grails Domain Model Grails Controllers Grails Services Dependency Injection (for realz this time) Map-maker, Map-maker, Make Me A Map What have we learned? 1. Introduction When you …


That Which We Call A POGO, By Any Other Name

Spoiler alert: This article is about Plain Old Groovy Objects. Since they’re so intellectually simple, yet powerful, it’s also the source of many POGO-related non sequiturs. You’ve been warned. Some History, Much of Which is Actually True Deep in the …


Calling RESTful Services with Groovy

(or The Reason the Internet Was Invented, or Cat Pictures for the Win) In this article, I’ll use Groovy to access a publicly available RESTful web service, parse the downloaded data, and build a GUI to hold the resulting images. …


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