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Kicking AST and Taking Names

Look, I get it. Learning new things is hard, and it’s scary. I know. I teach technical training classes for a living, so I see it all the time. I also am a writer, a speaker, and a software developer, …


Lessons in SEO: Why You Should Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Google estimates that 50 percent of all Google searches are now done on a mobile device. Surely, that is no surprise to you. Everywhere people are attached to their smartphones – as if surgically fused to their hands – surfing …


A Tale of Two Task Runners – Grunt and Gulp

Part 1: Why Do We Need Task Runners? In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I’ll overview the evolution of front-end web development and discuss how Task Runners like Grunt and Gulp can help streamline your web development workflow. In …


Understanding Transclusion in AngularJS (Part 2 of 2)

Knowing how a tool works, and knowing when to use that tool, are quite often two different things. The ability to apply a concept tends to be harder than learning the concept itself. In the first post on the topic …


Pandas and Bandwidth in Python Tutorial: Plotting the Results of Internet Speed Tests

Prologue: We all hate the cable company. For the past few months we’ve had to reboot the cable modem every week or so. Nerd that I am, I went out and bought a new cable modem. I hooked it up …


Understanding Transclusion in AngularJS (Part 1 of 2)

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript client-side frameworks in the marketplace today. Among the many great features of AngularJS is the ability to create directives. At their core, directives are nothing more than markers placed on DOM elements that use JavaScript to manipulate …


Building a Geolocation Web Application with Groovy and Grails

(Where in the World is Steve Heckler?)   Table of Contents Introduction The Grails Domain Model Grails Controllers Grails Services Dependency Injection (for realz this time) Map-maker, Map-maker, Make Me A Map What have we learned? 1. Introduction When you …


Thinking in Swift (Part III) – Optionals

The one topic that seems to present the most difficulty for developers new to the Swift programming language is the concept of optionals. The basic idea is relatively simple to understand – there has to be a way to allow …


Prototype Objects in JavaScript

What I wish I had picked up in Introduction to JavaScript. Pt 3 My early experiences with JavaScript began with version 1.0. It was a fantastic and wild time. Tons of mouseOver and scrolling banners. The world was great. Developers …


Lessons in SEO: Penguin’s Algorithm Updates are Just in Time for the Holidays

In past years, Google has offered webmasters and businesses the gift of breathing a little easier over the holidays by not rolling out a new algorithm update. Changing the algorithm in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas have been ‘off …


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