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Thinking in Swift (Part III) – Optionals

The one topic that seems to present the most difficulty for developers new to the Swift programming language is the concept of optionals. The basic idea is relatively simple to understand – there has to be a way to allow …


Prototype Objects in JavaScript

What I wish I had picked up in Introduction to JavaScript. Pt 3 My early experiences with JavaScript began with version 1.0. It was a fantastic and wild time. Tons of mouseOver and scrolling banners. The world was great. Developers …


Lessons in SEO: Penguin’s Algorithm Updates are Just in Time for the Holidays

In past years, Google has offered webmasters and businesses the gift of breathing a little easier over the holidays by not rolling out a new algorithm update. Changing the algorithm in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas have been ‘off …


Djumping into Django

What is Django? Django is a Web framework like Rails, Spring, or ASP.NET MVC, but for Python. Using Django, you can quickly develop a Web application whose data (models) is stored in the database of your choosing, using templates for …


Lessons in SEO: Why You Should Care About Your Website’s Conversion Rates

If you are a webmaster or you have a business that depends on attracting customers to your website, you are probably already tracking and analyzing your site’s traffic statistics and keeping tabs on your social media activity. It is great …


Thinking in Swift (Part II) – Compiler

In Part I, we discussed some of the motivations behind Swift and a little bit of the history that led up to its release. In this article, we’ll talk about the different environments available for writing Swift. Then, we’ll go …


Thinking in Swift (Part I) – Introduction

When it comes to developing software in the Apple Universe (OS X and iOS), Objective-C is now the “old and busted” while Swift is the “new hotness”. There are already dozens of resources on the Web for learning how to …


Columns, Lists, and Content Types in SharePoint

Columns are the basic building blocks of SharePoint and are part of every SharePoint List or Library application. Columns are used to store additional information (such as Department owner) about the document and provide the ability to sort, filter, and …


That Which We Call A POGO, By Any Other Name

Spoiler alert: This article is about Plain Old Groovy Objects. Since they’re so intellectually simple, yet powerful, it’s also the source of many POGO-related non sequiturs. You’ve been warned. Some History, Much of Which is Actually True Deep in the …


Effective Strategies for Avoiding Watches in AngularJS

Watches in AngularJS are a powerful but easily abused approach to monitoring scope model changes. The scope in AngularJS is a DOM-linked prototype chain of objects descending from a root (top-level) scope object. These scope objects contain properties that are …


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