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That Which We Call A POGO, By Any Other Name

Spoiler alert: This article is about Plain Old Groovy Objects. Since they’re so intellectually simple, yet powerful, it’s also the source of many POGO-related non sequiturs. You’ve been warned. Some History, Much of Which is Actually True Deep in the …


Effective Strategies for Avoiding Watches in AngularJS

Watches in AngularJS are a powerful but easily abused approach to monitoring scope model changes. The scope in AngularJS is a DOM-linked prototype chain of objects descending from a root (top-level) scope object. These scope objects contain properties that are …


Lessons in Search Engine Optimization: SEO for 2015

Some of Google’s 2014 algorithmic changes (formulas for figuring out which pages should rank the highest on search engine results pages, or SERPs) have sent the SEO world into a spin. In this blog article, I will discuss the current …


Closures in JavaScript

What I wish I had picked up in Introduction to JavaScript. Pt 2 So, JavaScript is really a simple language. It is a language that is straight forward: what you see is what you get. Here is the problem: Closures …


Using defaultdict in Python

Dictionaries are a convenient way to store data for later retrieval by name (key). Keys must be unique, immutable objects, and are typically strings. The values in a dictionary can be anything. For many applications the values are simple types …


Lessons in SEO: The Proper Use of the Canonical Tag and Avoiding Canonical Tag Disaster

Anyone who has worked with SEO has run into the term ‘canonical tag.’ There has been a great deal of confusion over the proper use of canonical tags: when to use them, how to use them, and why would anyone …

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Calling RESTful Services with Groovy

(or The Reason the Internet Was Invented, or Cat Pictures for the Win) In this article, I’ll use Groovy to access a publicly available RESTful web service, parse the downloaded data, and build a GUI to hold the resulting images. …


JavaScript Variable Scope Tutorial

What I Wish I had Picked up in Introduction to JavaScript I’ve been doing JavaScript for a few years, quite a few actually. I learned JavaScript back in the 1990s from the masters who were concerned with rocking the image …


Named Tuples in Python

When you need to represent a list of identical objects with different values, you start with a list of tuples. It’s an efficient way to hold a collection of related data. Tuples are like structures or records in other languages, …


Introduction to SharePoint Workflows

If you administer SharePoint 2010 and/or SharePoint 2013 as a Site Owner, Administrator or Support person, you have probably been asked to create one or more workflows to automate a business process. Moreover, if you know what a SharePoint Workflow …


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