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Articulate Presenter Training: Introduction to Articulate Presenter 2009

4.5 out of 5 (11 reviews)

Course Number: ART-100
Duration: 1 day
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Articulate Presenter Training Overview

Accelebrate's Introduction to Articulate Presenter '09 course teaches attendees how to use Presenter to create self-paced, narrated training. If you want to get training on the Articulate suite of products, called Studio Pro '09 (which includes Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker), we recommend you take Articulate Studio Pro Training: Introduction to Articulate Studio '09 instead.

Location and Pricing

Most Accelebrate courses are delivered as private, customized, on-site training at our clients' locations worldwide for groups of 3 or more attendees and are custom tailored to their specific needs. Please visit our client list to see organizations for whom we have delivered private in-house training. These courses can also be delivered as live, private online classes for groups that are geographically dispersed or wish to save on the instructor's or students' travel expenses. To receive a customized proposal and price quote for private training at your site or online, please contact us.

In addition, some courses are available as live, online classes for individuals. See a schedule of online courses.

Articulate Presenter Training Prerequisites

Attendees should have fundamental PowerPoint skills. PowerPoint 2007 will be used in the class.

Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This training class is 60% hands-on, 40% lecture, with the longest lecture segments lasting for 20 minutes.

Articulate Presenter Training Materials

All attendees receive a workbook with a course syllabus, practice exercises, and resources, as well as media files for lab exercises.

Software Needed on Each Student PC

  • Windows XP or later, with the latest service pack updates and at least 3 GB of RAM
  • PowerPoint 2003 or later (PowerPoint 2007 or later strongly recommended)
  • Adobe Flash Player (recent version)
  • Web browser
  • Articulate Presenter '09
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Microphone (recommended)

Articulate Presenter Training Objectives

  • Design an eLearning interface most suitable to their subject matter and target audience
  • Add photographs, charts, illustrations and digital video to their course
  • Make effective use of animation to draw attention to key elements of a slide
  • Add instructional dialog to their course and sync the narration with display elements
  • Incorporate review questions in their course
  • Use branching to direct learner paths
  • Provide access to job aids and other learning resources

Articulate Presenter Training Outline

  • Benefits of eLearning
  • Components of a quality eLearning program
  • PowerPoint as a rapid eLearning development tool
  • Designing a presentation for individual use versus speaker-led use
  • Review of some key PowerPoint features
    • Master slides
    • Text objects
    • Shapes
    • Importing graphics
    • Creating
    • Creating animations
  • Introducing Presenter
    • Why use Articulate?
    • Accessing Presenter features from within PowerPoint
    • The Presenter Menu
    • Interface options for your published work
      • Presentation title and duration
      • Logo
      • Presenter
      • Outline
      • Notes
      • Thumbnails
      • Search
      • Volume control
      • Navigation buttons
      • Slide progress bar
      • Slide time indicators
      • Narrative transcript
      • Tabs
  • Building a Player Template
    • Defining your presentation's interface options
      • View Modes
      • Panels
      • Navigation Tabs
      • Toolbar Menu
      • Player controls
      • Slide titles
    • Navigation settings
      • Restricting navigation
      • Level expansion settings
      • Other options
    • Editing button labels and dialog messages
    • Setting the colors for your interface
    • Other presentation settings
  • Including a narrative transcript
  • Working with special media types
    • Inserting Flash SWFs
    • Inserting Flash Video
    • PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt
    • Web Objects
    • Scaling and positioning
  • Branching
    • Creating nonlinear paths
    • Creating a menu using slide links
    • Locking slide navigation
    • Hiding slides
  • Audio Basics
    • Recording, previewing and rerecording narration for a slide
    • Editing the narrative transcript to match the recording
    • Synching display elements with the audio
    • Importing audio for a single slide
    • Batch importing audio for many slides
    • Removing audio from a slide
  • The Audio Timeline Editor
    • Adjusting the volume for all or a portion of the audio track
    • Zooming in or out of the waveform
    • Removing a portion of a slide's audio
    • Inserting silence
    • Adjusting a slide's start or end based on the audio
    • Synching display elements with the audio
    • Importing audio into the timeline
    • Recording audio into the timeline
  • Annotations
    • Draw attention to areas of the screen
    • Adding and clearing annotations
    • Setting styles
    • Adding while recording
    • Adding after recording
    • Previewing your work
  • Learning Games
    • Choices
    • Word Quiz
    • Sequence
    • Game settings
    • Editing an existing game
  • Slide Properties
    • Navigation titles
    • Assigning navigation levels
    • Interface view
    • Branching
    • Locking slides
    • Assigning presenters
    • Assigning background audio
  • Tabs
    • Exit
    • Bookmark
    • Attachments
  • Previewing Your Work
  • Publishing
    • For the Web
    • For an Learning Management System (LMS)
    • For CD
    • To a Microsoft Word document
    • For Podcast
  • File Management
  • Conclusion