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User Requirements Training: Gathering User Requirements

4.4 out of 5 (38 reviews)

Course Number: JAV-302
Duration: 3 days
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User Requirements Training Overview

This user requirements training course teaches Business Analysts and System Analysts how to gather and document user requirements to develop quality software. Participants will learn how different models are used to capture "views" of the proposed system at different levels of detail. A comprehensive, hands-on lab gives each student an opportunity to learn how to work as a member of a team to collect detailed and accurate information for new software systems or modifications to existing systems. This course is not limited to analysts that are working in an object-oriented environment.

Location and Pricing

Most Accelebrate courses are delivered as private, customized, on-site training at our clients' locations worldwide for groups of 3 or more attendees and are custom tailored to their specific needs. Please visit our client list to see organizations for whom we have delivered private in-house training. To receive a customized proposal and price quote for private training at your site, please contact us.

User Requirements Training Prerequisites


Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This class is 60% hands-on, 40% lecture, with the longest lecture segments lasting for 20 minutes.

User Requirements Training Materials

All User Requirements students receive a copy of Requirements by Collaboration by Ellen Gottesdiener, related courseware, and copies of all files developed during the class.

Software Needed on Each Student PC

  • Software for the course will be selected by mutual agreement – please contact us to discuss your specific needs and environment.

User Requirements Training Objectives

  • Describe three different levels of detail and how they apply to requirements.
  • Describe six different views of requirements: Who, What, Why, Where, When and How.
  • Identify and use different models to capture and document user requirements, including:
    • Business Rules/Policies
    • Glossary
    • Functional Requirements Steps
    • Stakeholder classes
    • Statechart Diagrams
    • UI Prototype/Navigation
    • Context Diagram
    • Domain Model
    • Participant Map and Table

User Requirements Training Outline

  • Introduction
    • Background of problem - re: software development
    • Pre-existing solutions
    • Instructor background
  • Requirements
    • Functional - includes the behavior visible to the users
    • Non-functional - includes the environment that supports the functional - such as security, performance (speed), maintainability
    • Levels of requirements - Business, User, Software
    • Focus Questions
    • Mapping requirements models by focus
  • Review
    • Functional vs. non-functional requirements
    • Levels of requirements
  • Skills
    • Soft skills
    • Technical Skills
  • Artifacts
    • What is an artifact?
    • What artifacts are there?
    • Relationship between models
    • How do artifacts map to focus questions*?
  • Conclusion