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Upcoming Webinars

  • Kubernetes Best Practices (3/29/23)
    Join us for this Kubernetes webinar as Chris Penick, Kubernetes expert and experienced instructor, walks you through best practices in Kubernetes configuration, deployment, and security.

  • Women in Tech Event: Empowering Inclusion in Tech With a focus on AWS Machine Learning and AI (3/30/23)
    Presented by our sister company, Web Age Solutions, Noelle Silver, a leader in tech at various companies, such as AWS, IBM, Red Hat and others, and founder of her own firm, will talk about how she went from high school dropout to Technology Executive at some of the world's largest companies, and how she navigates her life and career to see unparalleled levels of success and fulfillment.

  • Excel Tips and Tricks (4/19/23)
    Join us for this free, live webinar as Holly French, software trainer and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master, walks you through powerful new (and not so new) tools you can use immediately to your boost productivity in Excel.

Webinar Recordings

  • Agile Leadership to Facilitate a Hyper-Productive Team (3/8/23)
    This webinar will discuss assessing your team's current state and using the team ownership model to create goals to transfer responsibility and accountability to a self-managed team. We will introduce the team ownership model and some of its various tools that can launch your teams into a hyper-productive state.

  • How to Create Dazzling Reports with Conditional Formatting in Webi (2/15/23)
    In this free 1-hour webinar, Michael Ward shows you conditional formatting tips and tricks and walks you through how to make your reports stand out!

  • Python Data Science on AWS (1/25/23)
    In this one-hour AWS and Data Science with Python webinar, Jeremy Jacobson, cloud computing & data science instructor and director of technology at Emory University, teaches prospective data scientists, statisticians, and other quantitative professionals how to scale Python data science workloads on AWS and use AWS-native tools such as the SageMaker cloud machine learning platform.

  • What's New in .NET 7 (12/14/22)
    Microsoft celebrated the latest major release of the .NET platform (.NET 7) during .NET Conf 2022 on November 8-10. With improvements to the C# language, core runtime, LINQ, EF, ASP.NET, and more; .NET 7 represents another major step forward for the platform.

  • Practical Programming with Python (11/10/22)
    In this one-hour webinar, expert developer and instructor Eric Greene will briefly compare the language to JavaScript/TypeScript and C#, then demonstrate its use for several popular applications.

  • How to use Power Query with Microsoft Excel and Power BI (11/2/22)
    Why spend hours slogging through repetitive, manual work in Excel? Understanding how to use the Power Query data preparation and transformation engine effectively can save you and your organization both time and money!

  • Make Everyday Tasks Easier with Microsoft Power Automate (10/26/22)
    Power Automate is a powerful application that connects to every cloud service from Microsoft, as well as many of the external services that you may already be using. This gives you have a fantastic opportunity to save time and money on repetitive workflows.

  • Getting Started with Qlik Sense for Data Visualization (10/12/22)
    Take your presentation and analysis to the next level by using Qlik Sense to create attractive visualizations, charts, and interactive dashboards to depict data and make sound decisions from this data. This webinar introduces you to Qlik Sense, a popular data visualization platform, and demonstrates how to analyze your business data using this powerful tool.

  • Introduction to the Azure Data Platform (9/28/22)
    Learn practical Azure tips and discover if Azure is the right choice for your organization! In this 1-hour webinar, experienced Azure consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Vitaly Livshits, demonstrates how to use Azure data services to solve common data challenges using best practices.

  • GA4 Is Coming: Are You Ready? (9/14/22)
    Earlier this year, Google announced that the current Google Analytics version that users know and love will be sunsetting in July 2023 in favor of a new and improved Google Analytics experience: GA4. Dan Kipp, an experienced analytics educator and implementor, will walk you through what makes GA4 unique and what you'll need to know as you make the transition.

  • Lean Six Sigma and Minitab (8/24/22)
    In this 1-hr webinar, Dan Rose describes the process flow of Six Sigma and teaches how it can help organizations sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Dan also demonstrates how to use Minitab with Six Sigma to be more efficient with repetitive tasks and analyze processes for improvement.

  • Why a Website's User Experience (UX) is Vital for Marketing (8/10/22)
    User Experience, or 'UX,' is a critical consideration for website design and development. But what does it mean for marketing? And why should it matter? This webinar answers those questions and more! In this 1-hour session, Luke Hay, a long-time UX consultant and trainer, teaches you how to implement the UX methods necessary to understand your website's users and what they need.

  • Introduction to Automation 360 Development (6/15/22)
    This 1-hour webinar teaches attendees how to use Automation 360's tools to build a simple yet effective and reliable "Customer Registration" automation solution. During this webinar, attendees observe the real-time development of an RPA 'Bot.'

  • Sharpen your Integration Skills with MuleSoft (6/8/22)
    Do you want to learn more about how to meet the demands of digital transformations? Would you like to become a master of integrations using MuleSoft? In this webinar, attendees discover the powerful integration components that sustain MuleSoft as a top integration solution product.

  • Using Python with Power BI (5/18/22)
    In this 1-hour webinar, Patrick Powers, experienced Power BI trainer and data analyst, teaches attendees how to integrate Python within Power BI. In addition, attendees learn which Power BI libraries are needed and how to set up Power BI.

  • BDD versus TDD (5/4/22)
    This webinar introduces Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and the tools, techniques, and practices necessary to take software development processes to the next level. We will also clarify how BDD fits into a test first or Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach to development.

  • Ansible for Network Automation (4/6/22)
    In this 1-hour webinar, Phil LoVecchio, long-time Ansible consultant and instructor, introduces the Ansible software configuration management tool and walks you through Ansible's components and capabilities, using Ansible in ad-hoc mode and with playbooks, and more.

  • Application Security in a Modern World with Immersive Labs (3/30/22)
    Are your developers consistently writing code that incorporates the latest security practices? Accelebrate's partner, Immersive Labs, has an innovative self-guided upskilling platform that enables each developer in your organization to learn critical secure coding skills at their own pace. Join us as Jeffrey Wu, Engineer at Immersive Labs, demonstrates why a modern approach to application security is essential.

  • Azure Security (3/23/22)
    Security in Azure is more than just "authenticating and authorizing users." It also includes (among other critical tasks) managing the access to resources for microservice applications, preventing threats and exploits, and ensuring that your organization can retain records while protecting sensitive or private data.

  • What's New in the AWS Analytics Stack for 2022 (3/9/22)
    AWS changes at an incredible pace and it's hard to keep up with the constant barrage of updates and new features. Join us as Myles Brown, Authorized AWS Instructor Champion, walks you through the many advances in AWS key services over the past year, including the new features announced at the AWS re:Invent Conference.

  • Excel Tips and Tricks (2/23/22)
    Do you do substantial work in Excel? If so, Teresa Bell's Excel Tips and Tricks will save you time and increase your enjoyment working in Excel. Please join us for this free webinar!

  • DEI Demystified (1/12/22)
    In this webinar, Jai Simpson-Joseph will introduce core best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion and how they can benefit your organization internally and externally. (bonus video)

  • Outlook Tips and Tricks (12/15/21)
    Do you want to maximize your Outlook efficiency and productivity? If so, join us for this free, live webinar as software trainer and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Holly French teaches you the shortcuts and pro tips needed to get the most out of Outlook.

  • What's New and Exciting in .NET 6 and C# 10 (12/8/21)
    Join us (and bring a friend or colleague!) for this 1-hour session as Jason Bell, Accelebrate's Director of Technology, takes you on a guided tour of some of the most useful additions to .NET 6 and C# 10. (read transcript)

  • 10 Buzzwords That Are Driving Tomorrow's Tech (11/17/21)
    We'll look back at 10 tech buzzwords of 2021 and identify the concepts that people are still talking about today and anticipate where those might take us tomorrow.

  • Tableau Prep: Get Your Data Cleaned and Prepared for Maximum Benefit in Tableau (11/10/21)
    This 1-hour webinar presents an overview and demonstration of Tableau's data preparation, data cleansing, and ETL tool: Tableau Prep Builder. Prep Builder overcomes many of the thorniest data cleaning and preparation issues, enabling a smoother, easier analysis and visualization in Tableau.

  • Scaling Agile (10/20/21)
    In this webinar, Nick Kramer will go over the best practices for enterprise agile adoption. This includes how Portfolio, Program, and Project management fits into Agile Management and how to scale Agile practices across the enterprise. We will discuss the various Agile frameworks, focusing on [email protected]

  • What's New in Webi 4.3 (10/6/21)
    The new SAP BI v4.3 release of Web Intelligence promises improved user experience, enhanced enterprise readiness, and hybrid connectivity. Michael Ward will give you a 1-hour guided tour of the new feature enhancements and innovations.

  • Determining the Best Way to Host Your PostgreSQL Environment (9/29/21)
    During this webinar, Darren Douglas, a PostgreSQL trainer and consultant will discuss the PostgreSQL options available from major cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft and compare them to on-premise PostgreSQL installations.

  • Merging your Universes and Excel Files with Web Intelligence (9/1/21)
    This free webinar gives attendees an in-depth look at how to add multiple data providers within a single document, including universes, Excel, Text, and Freehand SQL.

  • What You Need to Know About Salesforce Flow (8/25/21)
    Salesforce has announced that all further automation development will be in Flow. Workflow is going away and Process Builder will not get any new development, making it clear that Flow is the future. This webinar will cover the basics of Flow, including building Flows, understanding use cases for Flow, and more.

  • Deployment with ASP.NET Core 5 and Docker (7/28/21)
    ASP.NET Core 5 together with Docker is a powerful new combination providing tremendous flexibility in how you deploy your applications. It is, however, important to understand how to make sure everything still performs well and is secure from modern security threats.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - Breaks and Master-Detail Features (7/14/21)
    In this free 1-hour webinar, Michael Ward walks you through beginning and advanced features of Breaks and Master-Detail Reports.

  • Password Policy Myths (6/23/21)
    In this 1-hour session, security expert and trainer Erno Jeges debunks common password myths and explains real-world practices that will help keep your organization safe. In addition, Erno will demonstrate password reset weaknesses and how to guard against them.

  • Microsoft Power Platform (6/9/21)
    In this free, 1-hour webinar, software trainer and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Derrick So'Brien demonstrates the components of Power Platform, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and more.

  • Power BI Overview (6/2/21)
    Join us for this free, live webinar as software trainer and MOS Master Holly French gives a thorough overview of Power BI Desktop and demonstrates how to connect to various data sources, create reports, and publish those reports to the Power BI service for viewing and sharing.

  • How to Host More Engaging Zoom Meetings (5/19/21)
    Are you and your meeting attendees suffering from Zoom fatigue? Make your meetings engaging and fun by using the full range of Zoom features, gamification, and other strategies!

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - The Power of Prompts (5/5/21)
    In this free 1-hr webinar, Michael Ward walks you through how to make your query filters dynamic by adding Prompts.

  • Introduction to the Blue Prism RPA Platform (4/21/21)
    In this 45-minutes session, Blue Prism expert and experienced trainer Martin Hanton introduces the Blue Prism RPA platform, explores its key features, and delivers an interactive, live demo of how RPA can save your organization time and expense. In addition, Martin will show what the mysterious Blue Prism Digital Worker (robot) looks like in real life and what it is able to do.

  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) (4/14/21)
    There are many benefits of the cloud, including cost savings, scalability, and access to data centers around the world. The demand for cloud processing increased steadily during 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2021. AWS holds the greatest share of that market and has a sterling reputation.

  • Introduction to Ansible: Software Configuration Management (4/7/21)
    In this 1-hour webinar, Phil LoVecchio, long-time Ansible consultant and trainer, introduces the Ansible software configuration management tool.

  • Big Data, Fast Data: Using Spark and PySpark to Scale Data Insights (3/31/21)
    In this one-hour session, Data Science expert and trainer Dr Ra Inta discusses how to manage the pain points your organization may experience while scaling up your data operations.

  • Excel Power Query (3/24/21)
    Join us for this free, live webinar as software trainer and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Holly French gives a thorough overview of Power Query and demonstrates how to use Power Query within Excel.

  • How to Use Tableau to Visualize, Analyze, and Communicate Data (3/17/21)
    Want to improve your data visualization skills using Tableau? In this free, live webinar Anna Foard, Tableau expert and trainer, demonstrates how Tableau connects to data and helps you explore your data, as well as how you can leverage Tableau's powerful features to explain the data through dashboards and storypoints.

  • The Agile Mindset for Learning and Development Teams (3/10/21)
    An ongoing goal of Learning and Development (L&D) managers is how to deliver better and faster training results that increase the effectiveness of individuals and business units within the larger enterprise. Can your L&D or HR team design a successful learning plan in sync with today's accelerated rate of business change?

  • IrRegular Expressions (3/3/21)
    In this webinar, secure coding expert and trainer Erno Jeges discusses ReDoS (A Regular Expression Denial of Service) in Java, C#, and Python.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - The New and Improved Analysis Tab (2/11/21)
    This free webinar gives attendees an in-depth guided tour of the Analysis Tab in Web Intelligence, including all options available on the Analysis Toolbar.

  • Improving Agility with Design Thinking and Systems Thinking (2/10/21)
    In this 1-hour webinar, Business Agility Strategist Jared Rakes will give attendees an overview of Systems Thinking and Design Thinking, examine how these concepts have evolved along with Agility for the past few years, and lay out a contemporary model for true collaborative Agile product development.

  • Navigating and Thriving in Fast Moving, Disruptive Markets with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) (2/3/21)
    In this 1-hour webinar, Business Agility Strategist Jason Molesworth will present an overview of the limitations of traditional approaches to strategic planning and performance management and propose Agile alternatives.

  • Accelerate Growth with Innovation (1/27/21)
    In this 1-hour session, Agile expert and trainer Ed Lance answers these questions and discusses how to accelerate your organization's growth by applying innovation in an Agile context.

  • Value Stream Mapping: A Foundation for Continuous Improvement (1/6/21)
    In this 1-hour webinar, Lean/Agile Coach Carmen Graver introduces the use of value stream maps to gain a holistic, systems level view of how work gets done in organizations.

  • "No Excuses" PostgreSQL Security (12/16/20)
    Security is a critical area of concern for any organization considering introducing new software into the environment. How secure (or insecure) is a newly installed instance of PostgreSQL? What can be quickly done to harden it? How can basic encryption be enabled to protect data in transit? Those questions will be answered by Darren Douglas during this 1-hour webinar.

  • What's New in Web Intelligence® 4.2 (12/9/20)
    Through live demonstrations, Web Intelligence expert and trainer Michael Ward will give you practical insights on how to get the most out of the new features and what to watch out for in version 4.2.

  • What's New in .NET 5 and C# 9 (12/2/20)
    Through a collection of live demonstrations, this 1-hour webinar will explore the improvements and new features introduced with .NET 5 and the C# 9 language.

  • Introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (11/18/20)
    In this 1-hr webinar, Moshe Shamy examines options for moving to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and demonstrates useful tools in Google Cloud that can help you with the migration process. He also discusses the pros and cons of other major cloud vendors, such as AWS and Azure.

  • Securing Financial Transactions Using PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) (10/28/20)
    We are pleased to collaborate with our secure coding training partners from Cydrill to bring you this cutting-edge PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) webinar.

  • Introduction to SharePoint Online (10/21/20)
    Microsoft's SharePoint Server has traditionally been used as a document management system and company intranet. SharePoint Online takes this functionality to the cloud and integrates deeply with Microsoft's powerful Office 365 platform.

  • IT Leadership Webinar: Running Effective Online Meetings (10/14/20)
    Virtual meetings are likely to be a permanent addition to business communication. Making them run smoothly with high participant interaction is key to their success and your business objectives.

  • Introduction to the Git Workflow (10/7/20)
    This webinar will introduce you to the core concepts of Git, what makes it so special, and how teams can leverage the Git flow on GitHub, one of the leading Git hosting services.

  • The Rise of the UX Design Engineer (9/23/20)
    In this 1-hour webinar, UX trainer and consultant Kevin Oleary will explore this new role and how to prepare key members of your staff to fill this role successfully.

  • Custom Hooks in React (9/9/20)
    Learn how Hooks make reusing stateful logic easy! This free React webinar presents an overview of React components using custom hooks using live code demonstrations

  • Introduction to Rust Programming (8/26/20)
    This webinar presents the basics of Rust programming and its ecosystem and demonstrates how Rust can really shine.

  • 100 Ways Your Machine Learning Systems Are Vulnerable (8/19/20)
    This 1-hr session gives developers a thorough overview of how to prevent your machine learning applications from being exploited by criminals.

  • Introduction to UiPath and Robotic Process Automation for Businesses and Developers (8/12/20)
    This 1-hr webinar presents an overview of RPA using UiPath and demonstrates how to develop a digital robot using just UiPath and no coding.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Layering Reports and Charts (8/5/20)
    This 45 min webinar teaches how to build a customized drop-down selection window in Web Intelligence using input controls and local variables.

  • Introduction to Windows Autopilot: Mastering No Touch Deployment (7/29/20)
    Trainer, consultant, and Autopilot expert, Sean Gardiner, gives you an in-depth look at how to effectively deploy and manage Windows Autopilot.

  • Building Microservices with Go and Docker (7/22/20)
    Using a tutorial-based approach, this 1-hour webinar teaches participants how to build a modern, containerized microservice using Docker and the Go programming language.

  • Introduction to Vue for React and Angular Developers (6/24/20)
    The Vue.js framework provides a capable, easy-to-use set of tools to build anything from a one-off component to a complete single-page application. This lively and informative webinar presents an overview of the Vue.js framework, including its interesting features and tools.

  • IT Leadership Webinar: Managing Virtual Teams (5/28/20)
    Managing people within a single location certainly has its challenges. These challenges are magnified when your team is working virtually from home, particularly when they are used to being together in the office. This webinar is designed to provide insights into the tactics, techniques, and processes needed to effectively manage your newfound virtual team. We also offer 1-day courses for teams that can be delivered online on your schedule (half-days, 1-hr sessions, or whatever suits your needs).

  • Data Analysis and Visualization: Seeing Tableau's New Features in Action (5/26/20)
    This webinar will showcase newly released Tableau features and how they are being used to enhance insight and solve business problems. For those who are very familiar with Tableau, it will provide some business context around using some of these new features. For those who are not familiar with Tableau, it will showcase just what is possible and why it is an insightful tool for any business.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Webinar - Using Excel Files in Web Intelligence® (5/19/20)
    In this webinar, Michael Ward demonstrates the many ways Excel files can be used in reporting and will open your eyes to the real power of integrating Excel data with Web Intelligence.

  • AWS EKS: Kubernetes Made Easier (4/29/20)
    Have you wanted to learn more about the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)? Here's your chance to see why Kubernetes has quickly gained popularity with its multi-cloud and DevOps-native capabilities. In this webinar, DevOps expert Michael Forrester takes you on a tour of this rich K8s service with a short but action-packed demo highlighting how quickly and easily you can deploy a production-grade cluster on AWS.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - Managing Your Merging (4/7/20)
    Michael Ward gives us an in-depth look at how to add multiple data providers within a single document, including universes, Excel, Text, and Freehand SQL.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - Advanced Formatting (3/19/20)
    In this 1-hour BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Advanced Formatting webinar, BusinessObjects expert and trainer Michael Ward provides an in-depth look at how to convert reports into other report types with an emphasis on creating Master Detail Reports. It covers many of the new features of v4.2, including how to hide columns, blocks, and sections.

  • Design Thinking (2/20/20)
    Are you missing out on the rewards of implementing Design Thinking in your software design and delivery? In this one-hour session, Nick Kramer, senior Agile consultant and trainer, discusses innovative new solutions to pinpoint the mindsets and needs of the audience for whom you are creating software.

  • Agile Marketing (2/6/20)
    In this webinar, Stacey Ackerman, agile marketing coach and trainer, will guide you through 5 easy ways to get your marketing team started with agile.

  • Accelebrate Client Technology Trends: A Look Back at 2019 and Ahead to 2020 (1/16/20)
    Accelebrate's President, Steve Heckler, takes you on a tour of technology trends observed among our clients in 2019 and looks ahead to 2020. Along the way, he will eagerly field your questions and welcome your input.

  • AWS with React Webinar (9/25/19)
    React is one of the most popular client-side frameworks for web development. However, even React needs help from time to time with tasks such as hosting, user account authorization, database storage, and more. That's where Amazon Web Services (AWS) saves the day! With React as the client and AWS as the backend, you have a complete solution for developers.

  • Angular and NgRx Webinar (7/18/19)
    In this dynamic Angular webinar, programmer and trainer Eric Greene dives into the question "Should I use NgRx to manage application state?" Through live-coding, Eric takes you on a tour of the essentials of NgRx, Redux, and RxJS, and shows you how to use them to enhance a simple Angular application. In addition, the code he demonstrated in the webinar is available for download.

  • Data Science - Fanning the flames an unfair comparison of Python and R in Data Science (6/26/19)
    In this webinar, Data Scientist and trainer, Dr. Ra Inta, begins with a brief background on how R and Python originated, as well as a post hoc justification for how they each became so widely adopted in their respective niches. Ra then explores the stark and striking differences between Python and R, providing clues as to how to clean and manipulate the dataset such that we can feed it to a statistical model. Finally, Ra wraps it up with a further comparison for other Data Science related tasks. We have also made Ra's PowerPoint presentation and all of the code he demonstrated in the webinar available.

  • AWS for Mobile Developers / additional notes (3/21/19)
    This webinar teaches you how to create a strong backend in AWS so you can then focus on app development; taught by AWS practitioner and seasoned trainer/consultant, Bear Cahill.

  • Data Reshaping with Pandas in Python (2/27/19)
    Which method should you use to reshape data? This webinar teaches you how to use Pandas methods pivot, stack, unstack, melt, and pivot_table to reshape your data. Data Scientist and Python, R, and Pandas trainer Jemma Nelson leads this session.

  • Secure Coding with JavaScript (1/9/19)
    Learn about generic JavaScript-related issues, navigate specific security challenges on the client side, and then see it all come together with live demos and case studies. This webinar is taught by development lead and senior trainer at Scademy Secure Coding Acadamy, Balázs Kiss.

  • What's New in Angular 7 (11/1/18)
    Take a guided tour of all the new features of Angular 7. Alan Chautard, a Google Developer, expert in Angular, and seasoned trainer, leads this session.

  • Apollo and GraphQL with React (4/5/18)
    This webinar uses live coding and examples to walk participants through the process of integrating GraphQL in a React application with Apollo. This webinar is led by Eric Greene, a long-time trainer and consultant specializing in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies, as well as Python and Machine Learning.

  • F# and Functional Thinking (3/28/18)
    In this F# webinar, Jason Bell takes a deep dive into what F# is, why developers like F#, and also demonstrates and explains code samples.

  • Getting Started with Machine Learning Using Python and Visual Studio Code (1/4/18)
    Eric Greene walks attendees through the fundamentals of implementing machine learning in Python, including loading data, visualizing data, assessing potential predictive algorithms, and making predictions.

  • What's New in Angular 5 (12/4/17)
    Eric Greene demonstrates the new features introduced in version 5 of the Angular JavaScript framework.

  • What's New in React 16 (11/9/17)
    In this React Webinar, Eric Green takes you through what's new and useful in React 16 through examples and live coding.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin (8/15/2017)
    In this Xamarin Webinar, Jason Bell provides an overview of what it is like to use Xamarin to make your applications work well and look good on any platform. He will discuss mobile landscape options, the Xamarin platform, architectural options, and how to build shared application components.

  • ASP.NET Core with Docker (7/20/17)
    Learn how to use Docker to create a consistent testing and deployment target for ASP.NET Core applications. You will also see how to configure an instance of SQL Server in a Docker container and look at deploying a Docker-based application to Microsoft Azure as well as AWS. This webinar is taught by Jason Bell, Accelebrate's Director of Technology and Senior Instructor.

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