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Web/Application Server Training

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Web and application servers are responsible for serving static content and executing server-side applications.  If you have simply installed your server and added your content and applications, you haven’t done enough!  It takes a great deal of effort to properly configure, secure, and tune these servers.  

Our Web/Application Server Courses

Accelebrate's web and application server training classes teach attendees how to install, configure, secure, tune, and monitor web servers, including Apache httpd (the world’s most popular web server), nginx (a relatively new arrival enjoying very fast growth), Microsoft IIS (Microsoft’s popular server for Windows that not only serves static pages, but also executes ASP.NET applications).  In addition, we teach the leading servers for Java applications, including Apache Tomcat; JBoss AS, EAP, and WildFly; Oracle® WebLogic Server; and IBM WebSphere.

Accelebrate’s instructors have extensive real-world experience with these servers and teach attendees how to ensure the stability, security, and performance of their servers.

Our private, on-site, customized Web/Application Server training offerings include:

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